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Plastering Services for Home or Business

A common technique years ago, plaster is a rare wall surface today. Due to the popularity of drywall it can be more difficult to find both materials and skilled craftsmen for plaster projects. Here at Courts Building Systems, we do both!

Whether it’s your business or your home, appearance is an important consideration in selecting a wall cladding. You can select a color and texture consistent with the message and image you wish to convey. Both traditional portland cement plaster and veneer plaster provide tough surfaces which are resistant to abuse and moisture. This inherent toughness is beautifully complemented by the variety of colors and textures available in plaster.

Exterior and Interior Plaster Services

  • Veneer plaster systems for new homes
  • Repair of existing plaster
  • Interior and exterior specialty finishes
  • Exterior portland cement plaster (stucco)
  • Colored acrylic finishes
  • Decorative plaster moldings
  • Cement plaster for foundations or retaining walls


Interior Plaster

Veneer Plaster is used in historical renovations or as an upgrade from standard drywall. Veneer plaster is typically used for interior walls and ceilings. Custom plaster moldings are commonly seen in historic homes and buildings. Damaged moldings can still be repaired or reproduced as necessary. Veneer Plaster starts with a specialized gypsum base similar to drywall, a thin veneer of base coat, plaster and/or finish plasters are then applied over the gypsum base. Traditional veneer plaster can be as thick as 1/2”; modern veneers are 1/16” – 3/16”.

Exterior Plaster

Traditional portland cement plaster, commonly known as stucco, is a time-tested exterior finish. It consists of portland cement-based materials and sand mixed with water to form a workable plaster that hardens to provide a strong, durable, and tough surface. Stucco may be applied directly to a solid base such as masonry; applied to concrete walls such as foundations; or applied to metal lath attached to frame construction. Applied in two to three coats, cement plaster forms a tough 1/2”-7/8” thick facing.

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