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Drywall Services

Professional Drywall Services for New Home Construction, Remodel or Repairs

We’re experts when it comes to drywall. From careful evaluation of the critical lighting areas to just the right texture and finish, you can rest assured we’ll do it right the first time. That’s the way we work, and have been for 25 years and counting!

Courts Building Systems professional drywall installers work closely with our highly qualified finishers to bring out a blemish-free, smooth, monolithic finish. Every job is unique in its own way and careful evaluation of the critical lighting areas, sheen, color and method of paint application will be considered before the final specified finish is applied.

Drywall Finishes & Textures

Our finishes range from a smooth finish to a desired texture. All the materials used in our finishing are of the highest quality.

Smooth Drywall Finish
The smooth finish is required to achieve the highest degree of quality by providing a uniform surface and minimizing the possibility of the seams and fasteners telegraphing through the final decoration. The smooth drywall finish makes a room look bigger. It’s also easier to clean and maintain. Level 5 is the highest quality of smooth drywall finish with a uniform surface free from tool marks and ridges. This higher level of quality is achieved by applying an extra coat of drywall compound, specially mixed for this purpose, to the entire surface. Before final decoration we recommend the prepared surface be coated with a primer containing a high solid pigment content.

Acoustic (Popcorn) Texture
Acoustic texture is achieved by mixing an aggregate (small pieces of vermiculite or styrofoam) and then spraying the mixture with specialized spray equipment. Acoustic texture is a finished surface after spraying, but can also be painted to a color of choice. Popcorn is available in a fine, medium or course texture. Due to the soft nature of this product Acoustic Texture is generally used for ceilings.

Orange Peel Texture
This type of texture is also applied with specialized spray equipment but there is no aggregate. When sprayed on the surface of the drywall it gives a slightly bumpy appearance like that of an orange peel. Different levels of thickness can be achieved according to your preference and desired outcome of the project. This type of texture can also be “knocked down”, meaning that after spraying the drywall compound a drywall knife is used to lightly smooth out the bumps for a flatter appearance. Orange Peel is used as a wall or ceiling finish and requires painting.

Roll Texture or Candle Wax Finish
Drywall compound is thinned with water and applied with a paint roller. This effect is described as “a candle wax appearance”. This roll texture is commonly used in storage areas or garages as a final finish which eliminates the need for paint.

Stomp Texture
Drywall compound is thinned with water and applied with a paint roller then a specialized round brush is used to stipple the wet compound to create a “flower” type effect. This texture can be “knocked down”, eliminating the stipple points, for a smoother look. Stomp texture is commonly used on ceilings as a final finish making painting unnecessary.

Spanish Texture
A variety of textures can be achieved using drywall knives or trowels. Common troweled textures are “Spanish texture” and “Skip trowel”. Drywall compound is thinned to a workable consistency that can be applied with a drywall knife or trowel. These types of textures are thicker and more dramatic than textures applied with spray guns or paint rollers. Troweled texture is used for walls or ceilings. They may or may not have to be painted depending on the amount of coverage achieved by the different types of textures.

Skip Trowel

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