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Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shops

Our restaurant experience, supervisory capacity and competitive pricing has led to Courts Building Systems having been awarded build outs for multiple Jimmy John’s franchises in the Cincinnati area. Courts has to be the first trade on site to perform critical layout of partitions, bulkheads and ceilings. The contractors that follow us count on our layout to position their work. Meetings must take place to discuss staging of materials and equipment in the narrow area along with future scheduling of other contractors.


  • Restaurants are always fast paced and take extensive coordination; Jimmy John’s is especially challenging due to the limited size of their tenant space.
  • The restaurant features an exposed ceiling structure to give the narrow seating area a roomier look.
  • Partitions that extend to the roof deck receive rich specialty finishes of tile and thin brick over a substrate of tile backer and water resistant drywall.


What Our Client Had to Say…

Courts Building Systems has installed steel studs, drywall and acoustical ceilings on four Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shops for my company in the last two years. They are an excellent subcontractor to work with. They are professional, meet schedules and do great work. I plan on using them for my future projects and heartily recommend them.